SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER/ virtual assistant

I help entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and mentors
to build brand awareness and presence on multiple
Social Media Platforms. I also help them implement digital marketing activities by outsourcing the "non-essential" tasks to me so they can focus on more relevant matters.

" Let's build your success"


Time Saver

A Virtual Assistant helps you organize your day-to-day activities and takes care of all the aspects of your business that slow you down due to lack of time. This allows you to focus on what matters most to you. You can therefore gain some time back by hiring a VA, allowing you to balance your work/home life and giving you the freedom to spend more time with family and friends.

Amazingly Responsive

The focus of a Virtual Assistant is on the success of a client’s business. By being highly responsive, attentive, and meticulous a VA enables the communication between VA-Client to run smoothly and openly which is one of the key elements for rapid growth results.

Cost Saver

If you hire a Virtual Assistant you will not have to deal with extra expenses like wage deductions, benefits, office equipment, etc. You will only hire a VA to perform the tasks you both agree on. This is a great way to get the necessary work done at a lower cost.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Confidentiality should be one of our top priorities in everyday life, and especially at work professionals with integrity and trust are gold. The identity of a Virtual Assistant implies trust and discretion which are the fundamentals for a strong and long-lasting relationship between VA-Client.


Marketing & Administrative

• Email Campaigns

• Appointment Setting and Calendar Management

• Affiliate Programs Coordination

• Creation of Power Point Presentations

 Graphic Design

• Data Entry

• Creation of Excel Spreadsheets 

 Lead Generation

Social Media Management

• Social Media Strategy 

• Content Creation (Visual, Video & Copy)  

• Hashtag Research

• Engagement With Target Audience

• Managing Social Media Comments

• Analytics/ Metrics

• Graphic Design 

• Light Video Editing


Explore my plans and choose the one that’s just right for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry – we can chat and create a personalized package to suit your needs!




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